Minka brooklyn

MINKA, means ‘Home of the people’. 

As a healers-led center for wellness and holistic living in Brooklyn, we strive to create an inclusive environment where people can heal and businesses can thrive. We believe in the magical existence of human beings: we are here to hold space, so you can remember how to harness your inherent brilliance.

Here we gather, learn and better ourselves as a community through the extensive list of healing modalities and workshops we offer, crystals, essential oils, herbs and natural incenses. We welcome all who strive to shed old skin and glow anew from the inside out.  

At Holistic Picnic, MINKA is partnering with Dropping Seeds to create a “Healing Temple.” Come and experience multi-sensory and multi-dimensional healing in it! Sip Dropping Seeds' herbal lemonade while you receive private mini sessions of reiki, tarot, astrology and acupuncture from experienced practitioners — we hold space for you to come back to the most authentic version of yourself, so you can go out and shine your LIGHT. 

We have multi-use herbal blends (sip, soak, vape or smoke), crystals, aura mists, clearing herbs and more; bring all of your curiosities and questions;) We are your wellness and healing cheerleaders!!