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Dropping seeds herbal blends

Dropping Seeds’ mission is to give you control of your state-of-mind with a system of non-addictive, multi-use herbal blends that balance physical and emotional wellness. Our ingredients are carefully selected fair trade, kosher, wildcrafted and/or organic, insuring no contact with chemical herbicides or pesticides, decreasing any risk of dangerous side effects. 

Drawing on the formulas in natural medicine, our recipes are designed for ethical state enhancement via multiple usages: Sipping, Bathing, Vaping, Smoking, Culinary and Mixology. Because we are born with the ability to regenerate ourselves by drawing on the nutrients in nature, we transformed nature’s intelligence into formulas, like apps for your own bioenergetic operating system.

At Holistic Picnic, Dropping Seeds is partnering with MINKA Brooklyn to create a “Healing Temple.” Come and experience multi-sensory and multi-dimensional healing in it! Sip Dropping Seeds' herbal lemonade while you receive private mini sessions of reiki, tarot, astrology and acupuncture from experienced practitioners — we hold space for you to come back to the most authentic version of yourself, so you can go out and shine your LIGHT.